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Quinn Fiduciary Services

A Fiduciary is a person who assumes responsibility for positions of trust. Typically, a Fiduciary prudently manages the money and assets for another person. Private Fiduciaries provide critical services to vulnerable seniors, developmentally disabled persons and children. They manage matters involving these consumers’ daily care, housing and medical needs, and offer financial management services ranging from basic bill paying to estate and investment management. Fiduciaries serve by court appointment as guardians, conservators and personal representatives of estates. They also serve by agreement as trustees, executors, representative payees and as agents under powers of attorney.

Private Fiduciaries in California are governed by state statute created in 2006 to license and regulate non family member private fiduciaries, including conservators, guardians, trustees and agents under durable powers of attorney as defined by the Professional Fiduciaries Act.

Many seniors do not have family in the area or seniors with family choose to appoint a professional fiduciary in order to avoid burdening family members. Sometimes family members may not be a good choice for fiduciary work either due to the lack of appropriate skills or the potential for conflict with siblings or other relatives.

Quinn Fiduciary Services team

Jacquelyn Quinn is a member in good standing of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) and is dedicated to serving and protecting the best interests of those who place their trust in her by:

  • Assuring the highest standards of ethics and practice
  • Achieving comprehensive statewide certification
  • Maintaining standards and qualifications for membership
  • Meeting continuing education requirements

A Geriatric Care Manager visits the home to plan and coordinate the care of their clients to meet their long term needs, improve their quality of life, and maintain their independence as long as possible. A Geriatric Care Manager accomplishes this by combining a working knowledge of health and psychology, human development, family dynamics, public and private resources and funding sources, all the while advocating for their clients throughout the continuum of care.

A Daily Money Manager provides personal business and social support assistance to clients who have difficulty in managing their personal monetary affairs. Daily Money Managers work in a complementary manner with other professionals by facilitating day-to-day financial tasks for the client rather than taking the place of professionals in accounting, investment, or social service fields.